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Our focus is on providing relationship-based domain advisory, acquisition and brokerage services to clients, with an emphasis on accessibility, trust and integrity. Each client is allocated a highly qualified, dedicated domain broker who can advise on a diverse range of opportunities listed on the world’s main domain markets.

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Our Services

Market Research

We recognise that solid research is the foundation of any investment decision. Everything we do is underpinned by market research conducted by our own dedicated research team; arming clients with the latest market intelligence and extending our ability to identify domain opportunities across the globe.

Tailored Advice

Our advice is tailored to each client in order to help them achieve their specific objectives; whether they wish to acquire a strategically-driven, exact match domain name for their business, or simply wish to diversify their assets by investing in a domain portfolio.

Buying & Selling Domains

We offer an end-to-end brokerage service, guiding clients through the process of buying and selling domain names within the marketplace. We specialise in buying premium, exact match domain names for clients; helping client's grow their portfolios; and selling client's domain names whenever required. For further details on buying domains scroll down to the buying and selling sections.

In House IT

We operate our own in-house IT team who complete all of the necessary work which is required to get our client's domains live. This includes activating the domain, redirecting it to the client's chosen website, and submitting the domain to over 25 search engines to make it searchable on the web.

Buying Domains

Buying a domain name has never been easier. The process of buying a domain name with Houghton Richards is carried out in five simple steps as you cans see.
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Selling Domains

Selling a domain name has never been easier. The process of selling a domain name through Houghton Richards is conducted in Five easy steps.
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Our Fees

Brokerage Fee

When we sell your domain name through Houghton Richards, we charge a 30% brokerage fee*. This fee covers, the payment of the broker for his or her hard work to sell your domain, escrow fees, the research team, and the IT department input to ensure the domain is transferred correctly to ensure a seamless sales and settlement process. This fee is only paid upon successful settlement and we deduct the listing from the commission domain from the buyer. A minimum fee brokerage fee of $197.00 applies on any domain sale.
30% Brokerage Fee
* This standard 30% brokerage fee applies only to a domain which is sold for a gross sale value under $20,000 US dollars. For details regarding our brokerage fees for domains which are sold for a gross sale value over $20,000 US dollars, please contact us via the Get in Touch section below

Listing Fee

When you list a domain name for sale through Houghton Richards, we charge an upfront listing fee. This fee goes towards the research costs of sourcing potential buyers and the marketing of your domain name. Once your domain has been sold, we refund the listing fee which you paid*. Please see the price list below for our listing fees.
  • Under $2000 - $77
  • $2001-$4999 - $177
  • $5000-$9999 - $277
  • Over $10,000 - Negotiated Fee
* The refund of your listing fee is deducted from the brokerage fee which you are required to pay once you have received payment for your domain from the buyer.

Domain Management Fee

When you buy a domain name from Houghton Richards, you can opt to use our management service. This service covers the cost of setting-up Rank Checker to monitor your domain's progress, conducting monthly checks on your domain to ensure that it remains active, and renewing your domain registration each year. If we ever discover any problems with your domain, we will fix these at no charge to you. The total fee we charge for this complete service is $77 per year.
$77 Per Domain/Per Year

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Our Brokers

At Houghton Richards, we conduct rigorous procedures to ensure that our domain brokers are of the highest standard. All of our domain brokers have:

Passed a national police clearance.
Carried out the Houghton Richards domain brokerage certification course
Passed the Domain Broker Accreditation exam to ensure they have a solid industry grounding.
Passed the Google AdWords certification exams to be an AdWords certified professional.
Passed a 100 point identification check.
Signed a strict service agreement and code of conduct by which they are legally bound.

Some of Our Clients

What Our Clients Say?

"Houghton Richards has been instrumental in helping .CLUB monetize its registry reserved names."

Colin Campbell Chairman and Founder .Club Domains

We posted a question that was troubling us and the next day received a personal telephone call from a gentleman who quickly answered our problem to our complete satisfaction. Personally, I believe that Houghton Richards have adapted the digital network to create a near perfect system of CRM.”

Darryl Flaherty - Director / Principal LJ Hooker Joondalup

“You approached us - we like proactive people!”

Franck Fougare - Managing Partner Ananda Intellectual Property

“I did start moving on Google after my purchases, so I can only attribute that to the domains purchased.”

Steve Parry - Director Brisbane Appliance Services

We posted a question that was troubling us and the next day received a personal telephone call from a gentleman who quickly answered our problem to our complete satisfaction. Personally, I believe that Houghton Richards have adapted the digital network to create a near perfect system of CRM.”

Darryl Flaherty - Director / Principal LJ Hooker Joondalup

“Timely, efficient and knowledgable.”

Graham Day - Director / Marketing Manager, Capri Realty

It immediately goes into our website. However, I further checked and at present we are on the first page of Google. Simply Amazing.

Katie NSW Commericial Business Brokers

We highly recommend Houghton Richards and stand by this testimonial 200%. We have give permission to be contacted by clients wishing a more personal testimonial via: email or telephone.

Jeanne Jeanne Danielle Beauty Salon

Featured Partner

Houghton Richards is a proud partner of .CLUB - one of the most successful new gTLDs. “CLUB” adds valuable meaning to literally any word and is a global phenomena, in which it carries the same spelling and meaning throughout the world.


"Houghton Richards has been instrumental in helping .CLUB monetize its registry reserved names."
Chairman and Founder .Club Domains


.CLUB is the ultimate social domain name, making it easy for anyone and everyone to bring people together around common interests and passions - and inevitably own the perfect domain for their community.

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Featured Client

This is Shane Vasile Long; Director at Acton Real Estate. Shane is a long-term client of Houghton Richards, having purchased domains both for his business and as a personal investment.


Shane Vasile Long
Director: Acton Real Estate

Shane began his real estate career in 2001 after being inspired by the experience of buying and selling properties around Western Australia. Since then, Shane has continued to develop a broad knowledge of all things real estate, which has led to Acton Real Estate becoming one of Australia's largest boutique real estate agencies.

Understanding Domains


.com .net

Top Level Domains

A top-level domain describes the section of the domain name after the dot. For example, in the address www.domain.com, com is the top-level domain name. Other examples would be in the addresses www.domain.club, www.domain.net and www.domain.org, club, net and org would be the top level domain names.


.com.au .co.uk

Country Code Top-Level Domain

A country code top-level domain is a top-level domain which is used or reserved for a country, a sovereign state, or a dependent territory. All ccTLDs are two letters long and use letters which represent the actual location. Examples of ccTLDs would be; .us for the United States, or .uk for the United Kingdom, or .au for Australia.



Exact Match Domains

An exact match domain utilises a domain name in its natural search sequence and matches the exact search term which a user types into a search engine. For example, if you were looking for a plumber in Perth, you would type 'Perth plumber' into a search engine. The EMD for this search term would therefore be perthplumber.com.au


.rentals .club

New Generic Top Level Domains

A gTLD is simply another name for a TLD. A wide range of new gTLDs have recently been introduced to the market, which offer more specific domain extensions to users. A prime example of the new gTLD would be .club which would be used by clubs around the world. Other examples include; .dental, .vet, .guru, .realtor +695 more.

Why Choose Exact Match Domains (EMDs)?

If Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban thinks exact match domains are worth investing in, shouldn't you consider them for your business?
Why they're beneficial is down to a number of factors one for example; If the EMD is a series of common words or a phrase such as 'car sales' then carsales.com would rank high if not highest in Google, and therefore drive more traffic to your business.

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